The way which is best when a reptile was the loose bowels and constipation

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That it's unexpected as the cause of the physical condition badness of a reptile of a lizard, a lot of ones are the loose bowels and constipation. (There is also an exception) without the case that a reptile cries, but there are also no changes in an expression, so a physical condition change is difficult to notice, but there is a case that I fall into inappetence by a stress by environmental change, temperature change and other cause.

When origin is healthy imago, it's little also to have physical strength and say danger of the life by a form of physical condition badness relatively, a body of youkarada is small and it's the actual situation that there are also a lot of cases by which such a form of change becomes deadly by an individual without physical strength. That imago is expensive compared with youkarada at a store, such risk, it's based, and, may.

General method of treatment is a warm bath.

A way generalized at present as the loose bowels of a reptile and a constipated personal cure is "warm bath". The one as a warm bath had for its object to heat up a body of the reptile which is a poikilotherm (here, lizard kinds) and plan for activation of activation of a gut or the immunity power, and is different from just bathing. Further, there is also a thing such as making the body clean as the effect of the warm bath and suggesting breaking. It's chosen from 34℃ - 37℃ as the temperature suitable for a warm bath, and desirably, it's said to be about 35℃.

A warm bath also has risk.

I can think the body temperature rises and metabolism has the fixed effect on a warm bath's arranging the environment in the gut for a reptile from the point of view which rises. When man bathes in hot springs, too, metabolism rises, and muscle is a relaxed relation, and appetite increases, and fox and raccoon dog get loose, don't they? On the other hand even man and other animals are so, but when I was under the environment higher than the usual body temperature long, there are also a lot of things against which fatigue presses after it. When such thing is considered, it would also be better to consider that there is a possibility which becomes that a too long warm bath and a warm bath to an individual to whom physical strength is inferior advance deterioration of physical condition.

The loose bowels of a reptile and the constipated cause?

When the reason that the loose bowels and constipation tend to occur to a reptile once here will be considered, the one as a reptile is different from a mammal, and an act as "chew" isn't done, it's swallowed whole and how to eat from which the size which can be understood is even sent to the inside of the throat in plain words energetically is done. Therefore when a digestive organ government service doesn't work any more even a little normally, the symptom of the loose bowels and the constipation seems to become easy to go out. In other words, it's necessary to make the digestive action which can be put in the stomach and intestines up to cancel the loose bowels and constipation based on such cause.

Can't it be canceled by a dietary fiber?

In the food of a reptile, "The environment in the gut is arranged by a dietary fiber, and the loose bowels and constipation are canceled.", there is mentioning and it's small what kind of fiber is included, and there is also something mentioned. I can think such goods are effective in "environmental maintenance in" the gut to "healthy individual of the state", but the first dietary fiber carries the action to which the moisture content in the gut is adjusted, and doesn't help the digestion. Therefore I can think the effect is light in the loose bowels based on a factor and constipation like the above.

With the medicine for internal disorders which can be backed up theoretically?

What kind of method would you like to cancel the loose bowels based on a factor and constipation like the above? I should suggest an intestinal regulation action directly and help a digestive action.

Is that a proper thing? Because the balance collapsed, isn't it physical condition badness? I may think so, but there is also a pet food which makes such intestinal regulation action and digestive action increase.

The example is "water solubility of intestinal bacteria for reptiles, REPURAZE" with "REPURAZE of intestinal bacteria for" reptiles sold from a corporation Ben Lee pack food.

2 of goods are a powder both, but water-soluble REPURAZE is processed into a smaller powder. While it's sprinkled on feed of a pet and it's used, usual REPURAZE can dissolve water-soluble REPURAZE in drinking water, add to mixed bird feed and use, and when anorexia is intense, there is an advantage that it can be used.

It can't be called which product you'd like sweepingly, but I may hope that you use them appropriately by the individual's physical condition and hedonic aspect.

The lactobacillus, the butyric acid bacteria and the sugaring bacteria said to be a principal raw material of REPURAZE are the ingredient which is also included in intestinal regulation medicine for man as activated bacteria. It's certain to lead to increase of a digestive action because both of the brewer's yeast indicated as a principal raw material likewise, a protein resolution enzyme and a lipolytic enzyme are the microorganisms which carry decomposition, isn't it?

Thus I'm also thinking "water solubility of intestinal bacteria for reptiles, REPURAZE" is relieved one when it's left in hand, when raising a reptile, with "REPURAZE of intestinal bacteria for" reptiles of the corporation Ben Lee pack food it's possible to line the action which arranges the environment in the gut with which theoretically.

REPURAZE of intestinal bacteria for

water solubility of intestinal bacteria for reptiles, REPURAZE